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    Become Part of the Team

    Become Part of the Team

    Today I'm going to let you know how you can become part of the Team here at Koia Collective. 

    You can join our team by signing up for our Ambassador Program .

    Becoming a Brand ambassador means that you'll be given a special link and coupon code to share with others. When your link or code is used by someone, you'll receive a percent of that sale for store credit. You can also link your PayPal account and get your store credit deposited directly in there. 

    Sounds too good to be true, right?

    Not only can make money and get store credit but you'll also have access to special deals and discounts that only Team Members receive.

    At the end of each month, we'll also be rewarding our top sellers with some extra goodies delivered to your doorstep!

    Besides earning money and receiving free stuff, you'll also be helping give back as we donate a portion of every sale you make to charity (but don't worry, it won't come out of your account).

    If you have any questions about becoming a Brand Ambassador be sure to send us a message.

    Hey There!

    Hey There!

    -Welcome to Koia Collective-

    We're super stoked to have you here as you explore all of the different types of bohemian clothing we have to offer! We've got lots of different clothes: Harem Pants, Sure Design Products, Tie Dye Leggings, Hats, Hoodies, and lots more!

    My name is Percy Holtzman, and I'm the founder here at

    Every week, I'll keep you updated with a new blog post. Whether it's about new products, a recent photoshoot, discounts for our ambassadors, or just a fun festival we attended over the weekend- I'm going to keep you updated!

    Stay tuned for our first official blog post where I'll show you how to get involved and join our Ambassador Team and tell you a little bit about our company culture.

    Thats all for now!